What we do

Whatever your industry, an organization that is better at design can generally gain greater strategic advantages. We help you, as a design leader, drive design through knowledge. Read here what we do.

What we do to support you
What we do to support you.

What we do at the start


looks_one Learn about the case, in particular your challenges

looks_two Identify gains and pains

looks_3 Determine design performance criteria

Examples of gains and pains



check A wide recognition of the value of design

check A broad base of design capacity

check A solid base of design capacity

check A diverse customer base

check Easy-to-use customer solutions

check Efficient design processes



error_outline Long lead time to start designing

error_outline Organizational friction

error_outline Dependency on the individual

error_outline Misalignment and bias in designs

error_outline Unnecessarily complex designs

error_outline Annoyed customers

Service models that we offer

Full service

person_outline We do the work for you

Assisted service

supervisor_account Together with you, we do the work

Self service

contacts We guide you to do the work

Our way of working



looks_one Familiarize with the case

looks_two Determine an approach to deliver the service(s) you have requested

looks_3 Plan activities according to the chosen approach



looks_one Carry out activities as planned

looks_two Study data of the activities carried out

looks_3 Process obtained insights



looks_one Draw conclusions

looks_two Prepare recommendations

looks_3 Present end results

What we do to execute a service



looks_one Collect or detect impediments

looks_two Investigate impediments so to find root causes

looks_3 Investigate impediments so to determine the impact



looks_one Define or frame the problem

looks_two Create a concept to solve the problem

looks_3 Generate a solution design according to the concept



update Plan activities to realize a solution design

update Monitor the progress of executing activities

update Track the results of realizing a solution design

Second opinion


looks_one Review an assessment attempt

looks_two Review an advisement attempt

looks_3 Review a realization attempt



looks_one Diagnose issues with driving design

looks_two Propose a fix to resolve issues

looks_3 Implement the chosen fix



update Direct efforts to drive design

update Manage efforts to drive design

update Facilitate efforts to drive design

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