What we do

Whatever your industry, an orga­ni­zation that is better at design is more creative and adds more value. We help design leaders get the most out of design. Read here what we do.

Our way of working



looks_one Identify advantages to be gained or preserved through design

looks_two Determine the ambition for design

looks_3 Agree on metrics for design performance

looks_4 Define key design performance indicators

looks_5 Evaluate current design performance



looks_one Carry out activities to accelerate the growth of design knowledge

looks_two Study data of executed activities

looks_3 Process obtained insights



looks_one Draw conclusions

looks_two Prepare recommen­da­tions on next steps

looks_3 Present end results

What we do TO PROVIDE a service



looks_one Identify required design knowl­edge

looks_two Analyse knowledge properties

looks_3 Derive knowledge growth objectives



looks_one Plan activities to achieve knowledge growth objectives

looks_two Analyse impact of activities on design performance

looks_3 Estimate required investments in activities



update Track activities

update Track investments

update Track effects on design performance

Second opinion


looks_one Assess current growth of design knowledge

looks_two Advise on how to accelerate knowledge growth

looks_3 Compare own advice with third-party advice



looks_one Diagnose slowdowns in the growth of design knowledge

looks_two Propose fixes to resolve slowdowns

looks_3 Implement fixes

Interim management


update Steer activities to speed up the growth of design knowledge

update Organize activities to speed up the growth of design knowledge

update Facilitate activities to speed up the growth of design knowledge

Service models

Full service

person_outline We do the work for you


supervisor_account Together with you, we do the work


contacts We guide you to do the work

Latest blog posts


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Tunnel design

To design a tunnel, designers of several disciplines need to coordinate their work. This post describes a scientific case study of how to support design coordination to produce an integrated design.
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Aircraft design

The design of a series aircraft is often based on that of a predecessor in the same series. This article describes a scientific case study of how to design a series aircraft more efficiently.


How to determine objectives

How to determine objectives

Designers who develop more knowledge generally perform better as well. This post describes how to determine objectives for the development of design knowledge based on the meaning of this knowledge.
Determinants of design performance

Sorts of design knowledge

Design is indispensable in a rapidly changing world where an organisation needs to innovate, create value, and adapt. This post describes seven sorts of design knowledge that determine design performance.

Case book

Plant redesign

Plant redesign

For plant redesign, a leading service provider depended heavily on its principal designer. This post describes a practical case of how this dependency was reduced by a combination of measures.