Design matters to make the world a better place

Design is about formulating a problem, conceiving a concept to solve the problem, and generating a solution according to the concept.


The capacity of conceiving how to bridge the gap between what you want and what you have



Physical domain
Digital domain
Social domain


Help design leaders get more out of design

Design generates customer, employee, competitive, strategic, and financial value.

Design leaders

Chief Design Officers etc. Chief Officers of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, Technology, Transformation
VPs of Design etc. VPs of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, Technology
Heads of Design etc. Heads of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, Technology



Strategic design
Experience design
Product design


Purposefully drive design through knowledge

Knowledge attributes are area, level, type, origin, and meaning to an organization.

Drive (for business value)

Connect For a more diverse customer base, and less misalignment and bias in designs
Simplify For more easy-to-use customer solutions, and less unnecessarily complex designs
Streamline For more efficient design processes, and less annoyed customers


Drive (for institutional value)

Promote For a wider recognition of the value of design, and less lead time to start designing
Integrate For a broader base of design capacity, and less organizational friction
Secure For a more solid base of design capacity, and less dependency on the individual

Value proposition

Skilfully speed up the develop­ment of knowledge

To speed up knowledge development so to drive design through knowledge, evaluate velocity, analyse impediments, and tackle problems.


Acquisition by study, interpretation, or observation
Creation by discovery, sense-making, or practice
Transfer by explanation, suggestion, or demonstration


Ways of thinking for development

Participatory thinking to understand goals, principles, and assumptions of actors
Systems thinking to understand functions, behaviours, and structures of systems
Design thinking to understand problems, concepts, and solutions of cases


Down-to-earth strategic design consultancy

Design Impulse delivers full service, assistance, and guidance to drive design through knowledge.

Consultancy (standard)

Assessment to evaluate velocity and analyse impediments
Advisement to formulate and solve problems
Realization to remove problems


Consultancy (additional)

Second opinion to review an advice
Troubleshooting to resolve issues
Management to oversee activities