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To perform well in a changing world, an organization must be creative, whatever its sector. Enterprises, companies, and institutions flourish as they innovate, improve, and adapt.

Organizations that are better at design are more creative and tend to perform better. We help design leaders navigate new ways to drive design to greater success.

We serve Chief Design Officers, Vice Presidents of Design, and Heads of Design. We offer in-depth experience, easily bridging the gap between theory and practice.

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Drive impact

Drive value

Drive excellence

Drive speed

Drive profitability

Drive being in control

What we can help with

What is the desired situation?

Why there?

What is the current situation?

Why away?

How to move from current to desired?

Why this way?


About the owner

design leadership consultant

Pieter van Langen

In business and science, I have always been involved in design. In various roles, I have worked with designers in different sectors of industry. I also work parttime as a senior researcher at Delft University of Technology, where I research the design of complex systems.

I have written scientific papers, book chapters, and a PhD thesis about design. I have taught a great many business analysts and Master students design. I am easy going, provide food for thought, and deliver solid work.

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