Investing in good design pays off

Innovation ↑ Better ability to bring new products to the market — The Design Journal

Value creation Better ability to create meaningful change and economic value — John Heskett

Adaptation Better ability to evolve in a changing and puzzling environment — McKinsey

Performance Superior business performance — McKinsey

Growth Increased revenues and profit — Design Council

Return ↑ Higher return on investments — Design Management Institute


Design leaders drive design so that their organizations thrive

Chief Design Officers or similar titles Chief Officers of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, Technology, Transformation

VPs of Design or similar titles VPs of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, Technology

Heads of Design or similar titles Heads of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, Technology


Help design leaders drive design

Connect For a more diverse customer base, and less misalignment and bias in designs

Simplify For more easy-to-use customer solutions, and less unnecessarily complex designs

Streamline For more efficient design processes, and less annoyed customers

Spread For a wider recognition of the value of design, and less lead time to start designing

Integrate For a broader base of design capacity, and less organizational friction

Secure For a more solid base of design capacity, and less dependency on the individual

Value proposition

Systematically speed up the development of design knowledge

Approach to drive design through knowledge

Analyse imped­i­ments to knowledge development, and get to the root of the problem

Identify Collect or detect

Diagnose Find root causes

Appraise Determine impact

Formulate Define or frame

Solve Plan to resolve

Remove Act to resolve


With our consul­tancy, we serve, assist, and guide you to drive design through knowledge

Assessment Identify, diagnose, and appraise impediments

Advisement Formulate and solve the problem to drive design

Realization Remove the problem to drive design

Second opinion Review attempts to drive design

Troubleshooting Resolve issues with driving design

Supervision Oversee efforts to drive design

Core values

Scientific expertise, vision, and quality guide our behaviour and decision-making 

Design theory, knowledge theory, and systems theory

Future orientation, scenario thinking, and drive

Overview, eye for detail, and pursuit of excellence