To survive and thrive in today’s world, an organisation needs to be creative. To this end, the capacity of design is indis­pens­able. A design practice is a breeding ground for creativity. Read more about how we define these terms »


Challenges to build a creative organisation

Your design practice plays an essential role in increasing orga­ni­sational creativity. The performance of your practice is crucial to over­come challenges from your business and in your orga­ni­sation. The better the performance, the better can your practice address these challenges. Read more »

Challenges from your business

  • Deliver excellent designs faster
  • Handle increasing complexity of design
  • Promote cross-disciplinary design

Challenges in your organisation

  • Demon­strate the value of design
  • Build a design culture
  • Attract and retain design talent

Solutions to build a creative organisation

To increase organisational creativity, you may need solutions for developing the per­for­mance of your design practice. Together, seven types of orga­ni­sational com­pe­tency deter­mine this per­for­mance. Steering to strengthen these com­pe­ten­cies as a whole leads to a better performance. Read more »

Solutions to build a creative organisation


If your design practice performs better, then so can your orga­ni­sa­tion. Several researches show that it gives organisations a competitive advan­tage. And it also leads to a better financial per­for­mance.

Competitive advantage

Financial performance

Services to develop design practice performance

To develop the per­for­mance of your design practice, Design Impulse provides analysis, advisory, and assis­tance. We execute, coop­er­ate, and super­vise. And we deliver the causes of per­for­mance impedi­ments, inter­ven­tion proposals, and updates of intervention results. Read more »

Services to develop the performance of a design practice

About us

Design Impulse is a Dutch boutique con­sult­ing firm, founded in 2019. Our vision is to help organisations innovate, create value, and adapt, whatever their industry. Our mission is to make organisations more creative by boosting their design practice. Read more »

Distinguishing features

  • Deep knowl­edge of design
  • First-hand scientific insights
  • Practical experience as a design leader

Core values

  • Commit­ment
  • Parti­ci­pa­tion
  • Quality