get the most out of design

Sparkling creativity for Innovation, improvement, and adaptation

We help you as a design leader accelerate the growth of design knowl­edge in your organization.


Demonstrable value of design
Discipline-transcending designs
Fast delivery of excellent designs

Vibrant design culture
In-house design talents
Smooth handling of design complexity

Gain insight into current design performance

Design performance analysis to get the most out of design

Discover which design knowledge needs to grow, where, and how

Knowledge growth assessment to get the most out of design

Realize growth and achieve desired design performance

Accelerated knowledge growth to get the most out of design


Master planning in architecture
[Research] Increase quality of designing

Master planning

Design of series aircraft
[Research] Improve efficiency of designing

Aircraft design

Chemical plant redesign
Reduce a key man risk for designing

Plant redesign

Multi-disciplinary tunnel design
[Research] Reduce design rework

Tunnel design

About me

Pieter van Langen

Pieter van Langen

As a design leadership consultant, I help design leaders get the most out of design.

Before I founded Design Impulse, I worked in industry in different leading design positions. I also work as a senior researcher at Delft University of Technology, doing research in complex systems design in various industries.

I like to think along with you. I am easy going, provide food for thought, and do a solid job.

+31 6 5122 7459 • [email protected]


Increase the creative power of organizations so that they can survive and thrive

The purpose of Design Impulse is to increase the creative power of organizations so that they can survive and thrive.

Creative power
Ability to show imagination, originality, and inventiveness


Survive and thrive
✓ Show better business performance
✓ Realize more turnover and profit

✓ Deliver a higher return on investment


Make organizations stronger in inno­va­tion, improve­ment, and adap­ta­tion

The vision of Design Impulse is to make organizations stronger in innovation, improvement, and adaptation.

Bring something new into existence


Make something existing add more value


Repurpose something existing


Help design leaders get the most out of design

Designing is the capacity of conceiving new ways to bridge the gap between what you want and what you have.

Design leaders
Chief Design Officers and also Chief Officers of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, Technology, or Transformation
VPs of Design and also VPs of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, or Technology
Heads of Design and also Heads of (Customer) Experience, Innovation, or Technology


Strategic design
Experience design
Product design

Value proposition

Speed up the growth of design knowledge in an organization

Properties of design knowledge relevant to get the most out of design are the level, meaning, area, type, and origin of knowledge.




Our special expertise

Elicit, represent, and share design knowl­edge

Involved actors to get the most out design are the customer, user, involved party, designer, constructor, and asset manager.

Put into words (based on inter­views, observations, or case studies)


Capture in a structured language (a natural, formal, or computer language)


Pass on to others (whether explicit, implicit, or tacit)

Our service

Design leadership consulting by a service model of choice

Design Impulse offers six services to get the most out of design.

Situation analysis
Problem solving
Solution realization


Service model
Full service


About us

We bring the latest science and insights from different industries with our core values

Target sectors of Design Impulse are the materials sector, the manufacturing sector, and the service sector.

Science and insights
Design theory and practice
Knowledge flow optimization
Research and development


Core values
Vision through future orientation, scenario thinking, and progressiveness
Expertise through theories of knowledge, systems, and design

Quality through overview, eye for detail, and pursuit of excellence