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Design Impulse is an Amsterdam-based management consulting firm. We provide design leadership consulting to primarily Dutch clients. On this page, you will find our story, general information, and the latest news.

About us: Design Impulse
About us: Design Impulse

Our story

The design industry is experiencing a significant shift, with design becoming increasingly recognized as a strategic asset. Organizations realize the importance of design in driving innovation, customer experience, and business success. However, there is a lack of specialized support for design leaders to navigate this changing landscape.

Growing design’s value, impact, and performance may be a struggle and design leaders may fail to leverage design as a strategic advantage. Current solutions that generic management consulting firms provide typically lack the deep expertise and understanding of the design industry, resulting in slow progress and missed opportunities. Internal consultants and design agencies that support design leaders often lack a strategic focus and a comprehensive approach.

We fill a gap in the market for management consulting firms by specifically focusing on helping design leaders. We rely on deep expertise and understanding of the design industry to provide solutions that drive rapid growth. Our approach is built on a strategic development method refined through years of experience, ensuring that design leaders progress quickly and achieve their ambitions faster.

Brand values


Good design brings more organizational success.


Accelerate the transition to design-driven organizations.


Help design leaders strengthen the power of design.

Core values

Knowledgeable, professional, and challenging.

Who is who

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Pieter van Langen, PhD is a self-employed design leadership consultant and owner at Design Impulse. Pieter has extensive experience in the design industry, with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by design leaders. He has successfully led design teams, holds a doctorate in Sciences from VU University Amsterdam, and is a senior scientific researcher in systems engineering at Delft University of Technology. He brings unique expertise, particularly design theory, strategic thinking, and competency management, allowing him to support clients comprehensively.


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+31 (0) 6 5122 7459


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