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Design Impulse is a Dutch management consulting firm offering design leadership consulting services. Read here for information about us and for the latest news.

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We want to be the most expert Dutch consulting to increase the value, impact, and performance of designing. We help Chief Design Officers, Vice Presidents of Design, Heads of Design, and similar positions develop crucial capabilities of their design teams. Our unique expertise stems from scientific knowledge and practical experience.


Customer service

Phone: +31 (0) 6 5122 7459

Email: [email protected]

Post: Bastenakenstraat 156, NL‑1066 JG Amsterdam

Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 76160653

VAT number: NL003052876B21

Bank account: Rabobank, NL11RABO0436882818

Social media

LinkedIn: designimpulse-nl

Twitter: DesignImpulseNL

Who is who

Pieter van Langen, PhD

Design Leadership Consultant & Owner

Phone: +31 (0) 6 5122 7459

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: pieter-van-langen-4a51551

Twitter: pietervanlangen


Degrees obtained

VU University Amsterdam
PhD. Science (2002)

University of Amsterdam
MSc. Computer Science (1988)



In industry
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Business Administration, Business Analysis, IT (Information Technology), Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management

In academia
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Design Theory, Research Through Design, Systems Engineering



Design Impulse
Design Leadership Consultant & Owner (2019-current)

Delft University of Technology
Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Senior Researcher (2010-current)

Rabobank Nederland
Business Consultant, Lead Business Analyst, Department Manager, and Management Consultant (1996-2019)

VU University Amsterdam
Contract Researcher (1990-1996) and Senior Researcher (2005-2009)

University of Amsterdam
Contract Researcher (1989-1990)

Royal NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre
Intern (1988, graduation research)

Posted articles

Company profile

This post provides access to a presentation in English with our pitch, which you can view and download.
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Member of Ooa

In November 2019, Pieter van Langen has become a member of Ooa. This article explains what Ooa does and what the added value of Ooa membership is for Design Impulse.

Design Impulse has started

Dutch management consulting firm Design Impulse has started to offer design leadership consulting services. This post summarises what we do, why, and how.