As a design leader, you rely on a leading design practice that is ready to meet and exceed ever-higher ex­pec­tations of customers. However, the development of your practice is not without challenges. To name but a few, you have to deliver excellent designs faster than before. Even though the complexity of designs is increasing. And boundaries between disciplines are fading. At the same time, you want to demon­strate the value of design. Build a design culture. Attract and retain design talent. How to act?


Design Impulse helps you to act on challenges in the development of a well-performing design practice. We work on the directional, managerial, and operational activities within your practice. We offer solutions to make changes to these activities to the benefit of the performance of your practice. Read more »


If your design practice does well, then so does your orga­ni­sa­tion. It is more innovative (Design Journal), value-creating (John Heskett), and adaptable (Harvard Business Review). As a result, it generally achieves a better business performance (McKinsey), more turnover and profit (Design Council), and a higher return on investments (Design Management Institute).


Design Impulse offers a number of services to boost your design practice. We assess, advise, and assist to develop your practice. Furthermore, we do trouble­shooting, second opinion, and coaching. Read more »

About us

Design Impulse is a Dutch management con­sult­ing firm specialised in design practices. We deploy scientific insights, practical management experience, and deep knowledge of design. You can count on our actions being based on commit­ment, parti­ci­pa­tion, and quality. Read more »