In our consulting services, we form ourselves a picture of your design practice through interviews, observation, and study. We work with you, your designers and other stakeholders to create, validate, verify, and test preliminary results. Finally, we draw conclusions, prepare recommen­da­tions, write a report, and present the results to you.


Regular situations

We deliver the following services:

  • Assess­ment
    We identify issues in the performance of your practice, analyse their causes, and forecast their impact.
  • Advisory
    We prepare proposals to develop your practice, compare those proposals, and advise a solution.
  • Assis­tance
    We make a development plan, report on the progress of execution, and keep track of the results.

Special situations

Furthermore, we deliver the following services:

  • Trouble­shooting
    We diagnose and fix impedi­ments to the development of your practice.
  • Second opinion
    We give our profes­sional opinion on third-party assess­ments, advices, and assistance.
  • Coaching
    We coach you to develop a well-performing practice.